Pet Boarding

Trust Your Pets with Us

Looking for an enjoyable environment for your pet while you’re away? Reach out to the professionals at Woofs ‘N Whiskers LLC and we’ll give your pet the most comfortable boarding experience while you’re gone.

Home Away From Home

Boarding should be like home.  So, we take care of everything you would, without extra or hidden costs.  Our overnight guests participate in our play program during the day.  You can enjoy your break and rest assured that we’ve got everything covered to create a loving, stress-free home-away-from-home while you are away.  

Cat Boarding
$23.00 per night for large condo
$18.00 per night for small condo

Dog Boarding
$32.00 per night for
a kennel
$49.00 per night for
a suite

What to Expect When Your Pet Returns Home








Try limiting food & water for 3 hours after you get home.

Walk your dog upon arrival at home.

Give you pet some one-on-one playtime or relaxation.

Sleep the first couple of days is normal and expected.

After picking up your cat, make sure they are inside for a few days.

Re-establish routines you had before the boarding. Pets love routines.

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